Your client deserves a trusted family law attorney.

You’ve earned your clients’ trust and confidence. Referring your clients faced with a family law issue to our firm is a way to fortify these relationships even further. Here’s how we can help your clients at both the appellate and trial levels.

Representing your client at the appellate level

There are two scenarios in which we may be able to help:

  1. You represented your client through trial, but neither you nor your client is satisfied with the result.
  2. You and your client obtained a good result from the trial court, but your client is subsequently served with a Notice of Appeal from the disgruntled opposing party.

In either case, consider referring your client to our firm for representation in the appellate process. Our attorneys are experts in inspecting a record and identifying appealable issues, drafting timely and persuasive briefs, and presenting a case forcefully at oral argument.

Unless you regularly practice before the Minnesota Court of Appeals or Minnesota Supreme Court, you risk being blindsided by the procedural rules and niceties, which, quite frankly, can feel esoteric at times. Your client’s chances on appeal, whether prosecuting or defending, are enhanced by the resources available through our firm.

Representing your client if you are not a family law attorney

It’s happened to most lawyers: You earn the respect of a client by representing him in a certain area of law. Then, he calls in a panic. You’re the only lawyer he knows, and he’s been served with a Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

This individual needs expert advice—fast. The issues that arise in family law cover the gamut of business and personal affairs; your client’s first reactions can have far-reaching repercussions.

Our attorneys consult with your client and ensure his or her questions, both immediate and general, are answered thoroughly and accurately. We offer the highest level of representation — both to protect your client’s interests and to fight for a fair result.
If the custody/access issue or marital estate is complex, our familiarity with financial and psychological experts in family law ensures your client’s interests will be analyzed and presented in the most professional and persuasive manner possible.

If you have questions about our firm or would like to speak to one of our attorneys, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The team at M. Sue Wilson’s law firm is hands down the best you will find.N


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